Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

The Big Bash Gift Basket

Invite everyone to this party! This basket is brimming with top of the line treats to feed any group or indulge an individual: Two kinds of cheese, Ococoa 5 piece artisan chocolate, Olives, Rustic Bakery Gingerbread, Crispy Pineapple Slices, Dark Chocolate Asortment, Creminelli Sopressata, Cardamon Cashews, Foccacia, Elderflower Presse, Three Way Nut Sampler, Italian Cookies, Ooh La La Truffle Potato Chips, 5'Oclock Crunch Snack Mix,the Fabulous Zebra Popcorn and Duck Rillette. Now that is a Fancifull gathering.


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