a bottle of Prosecco on a tray with a box of chocolates and a small flower arrangement
Carlier Nougat Tendre 3.5oz,CoCo Delice Assortment 6 piece,3 Roses,Canella Prosecco
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Simply Elegant

Keep it simple and take their breathe away with an elegant presentation of fine artisan chocolates from Cocoa Delice, Prosecco or French Champagne and gorgeous flowers. Simply Elegant and Absolutely Perfect.

The price is for Carra Prosecco. In the photo is Veuve Fourney Champagne Brut Nature with its beautiful purple label. With this phenomenal champagne the gift is $96.95. Red Wine can be substituted for sparkling. Consult the drop down menu for pricing with different wines.

Note: For local delivery in Los Angeles Only

You have the following options:
  • Simply Elegant - $73.95
  • with Graham Beck Brut - $79.95
  • with J Lassalle Premier Cru Brut - $97.95
  • with Veuve Fourny Brut Nature Premier Cru - $108.95
  • with Paul Bara Reserve - $123.95
  • with Dom Perignon - $280.95

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