very large basket of foods for a large group of people
Oval basket from Jacks,Savor Mexicano Chips,Desert Pepper Bean Dip,Santa Ana Sweets 6 pc,maw n paw kettle corn,cookies con amore asst.,rustic chocolate,divina organic almonds,creminelli sopressata,Flufa,Carrs Entertainment crackers,Giddy up black,Qs nuts cashews,Divina Red pepper spread,Willies Cacao dark,Santa Ana 6 pc,Ferris mixed nuts,Sutter Buttes mustard,Smoked Gouda
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Fancifull Feast Gift Basket

This stunning display includes both sweet and savory items perfect for a large family or a hungry crowd, a feast of flavor to please them all. Begin anywhere, slice the Creminelli Salami and the Smoked Gouda and pair them with the Jalapeno Whiskey Mustard, Organic Olive Mix, Feta Red Pepper Spread and Carr's Entertainment Crackers. Continue to our absolutely favorite corn chips (clients love them too) Home Made Sabor Mexicano, dip them in the Desert Pepper Bean Dip and enjoy the Rosemary Cashews, Giddy Up Almonds, Ferris Mixed Nuts and Flufa Cheese Pastry Twists. Then it's on to the sweets with the popular Ma 'N'Paw Zebra Corn (drizzled with chocolate), Cookies Con Amore Italian Assortment, Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cocoa Nib Shortbread, Willie's Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar and the amazing Santa Ana Sweets Chocolate Salted Caramels. Let the feasting begin!


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