Custom Gift Baskets

You want What???

Sure - We can do That!

At right is something we did for Technicolor
for the release of Night At The Museum 3.   They were very happy.

Need a custom gift for a big impact?

Call 323-466-7654 and we'll make it for you!

Custom baskets and gifts offer endless possibilities:

  • Product Promotion
  • Start of Production Gifts
  • Charitable Auction Gifts that Promote You
  • Inclusion of items you already have
  • Your Logo Front and Center
  • A personal gift for someone special
    (What did Whoopie send to Liz Taylor???)

For a Lucille Ball Fan

Cuddle Up with Netflix

Skyy Vodka Promotion

Barry Manilow

Custom Wine Basket

Hyde Lounge at Staples