a wooden Radio Flyer Walker Wagon (it has a bar on back to help a baby learn to walk) with stuffed animal and things for a newborn
Classic Walker Wagon (Radio Flyer),Medium Caramel Bear,Thermal Blanket (Gerber),Memory Book (5"x7"),Outfit,Booties,Washcloth,Silver Piggy Bank,Chocolate Cigars (two),Baby Skin Care Kit (Burt's Bees),Rattle
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

Classic Walker Wagon

We are so happy to have these Walker Wagons as a gift because our kids absolutely loved them when they were small. It helps them learn to walk and they love to put things in it as they push it around. This one comes totally assembled and filled with baby gifts: A cotton blanket, Organic Cotton Top and Pants, a Stuffed Animal, A lambie neck support which is great for when in the car seat, an organic wash cloth and the colorfully illustrated book In My Heart, A Book of Feelings a vibrant celebrations of feelings, in all their shapes and sizes (this book is a customer favorite).


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