a wood crate containing a selection of California craftsman foods as described.
SB popcorn,Just off melrose,Pistachios,Valley Ford Cheese,California Crunchies Almonds,Cacao Parlour Velvet,Bakeology Snickerdoodles,California Coastal Olives,Elki Crackers,Zoe's small Absinthe
Note: Exact ingredients may differ from those pictured here.

California Craftsman Gift Basket

We packed our wood crate with the best California has to offer: Valley Ford Cheese Estero Gold, Zoe's (nitrate- and filler-free) Handmade Californian Salami, Santa Barbara Organic Brown Sugar and Maple Popcorn, Santa Barbara Organic Lemon Pistachios, California Coastal Herbed Olives, California Crunchies Almonds, Cocoa Parlor Crushed Velvet Bar with Cacao Nibs, Just Off Melrose Parmesan Crisps, Crackers, and Bakeology Snickerdoodles. Perfect for foodie in your life.


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